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Keep Cool. Save Money.

The H.E.R.S. Microprocessor

Smart Saver

Intelligently controls the duration of the fan runtime creating optimum performance.

Install Options

Easy Installation either at the thermostat or at the air handler unit

Always Compatible

Designed to work on Heat Pumps, Straight Cool, Single and 2-Stage systems, Geothermal, and Residential & light Commercial.

Safety First

Works in the safe, low voltage 24Vac section of the HVAC system

Valid Warranty

5 Year Replacement Warranty and Does Not Void your existing A/C Warranty

Proven Savings

Saves average 15-18% on Heating and Cooling costs, with some results achieving over 30%!

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Inside the small box, a bunch of stored data is hosted, on most every conceivable A/C configuration, to give it almost Universal Compatibility. It takes that data, along with recordings of how “your” system performs in your Real World Environment (not just in some lab), and tells your system when it should really turn off and on, while maintaining the temperature you want. Saving you, MONEY!

The HVAC Energy Reduction System (H.E.R.S.) microprocessor monitors system cycle time and adjusts the HVAC fan to run for an extended period of time after the cooling or heating unit cycles off.  A study performed by the California Energy Commission determined that allowing the fan to run for an extended period of time increased overall efficiency by reducing wasted latent heat and cooled air thus reducing the total number of times the compressor cycles on and off.

The H.E.R.S. has the ability, with dual microprocessor technology, to reduce HVAC energy consumption by at least 15% or more!

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The H.E.R.S. Test Results

Nothing proves better the amazing savings of The H.E.R.S. Microprocessor than real-life, trusted reports. See for yourself!

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